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Each month we aim to provide articles on well-being in retirement and also feature an activity to explore. As the magazine grows we hope to include articles from our readers…and from retired teachers in particular.

"I have lots to say but too few people are listening" was the incentive to start this site. A site for people wanting to engage in Conversation for Grown Ups and exchange knowledge and experience.

This Government website provides information about pensions and pensioner benefits for those planning for the future, about to retire or already retired.

Age Concern Northern Ireland is a voluntary organisation committed, through campaigning and service provision, to improving the quality of life of all older people.

A self-help organisation for retired people, providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment where the teachers learn and the learners teach.

Providing leadership, strategic direction and support, where possible, to all those involved in promoting health, with the mission of making health a top priority, in Northern Ireland.

Carers look after family, partners or friends in need of help because they are ill, frail or have a disability.  The care they provide is unpaid. Carers is here to improve carers' lives.

Now in it's tenth year and often described as the first site in the UK for the over 50's, this is not a website that people just read or browse, it is a site where people do things.

Preferential rates for working and retired teachers in Northern Ireland. View their special and very competitive rates for cars and motorcycles from leading insurance companies.

Full of money-saving tips and advice on banking, broadband, cheap flights, credit cards, foreign currency, telephones and mobiles, electronics, digital media, shopping etc.

You have between now and 2012 to switch over to digital TV equipment. After that, you won't be able to receive any television programmes unless you have switched over.

Informative encyclopaedia-of-rights website offering sound legal advice on issues such as tax, social security, community care, pensions, and even financing residential care.

Residents of N.I., who are over 60, now qualify for free scheduled travel within Northern Ireland by Metro, Ulsterbus, N.I. Railways, Airporter and some coach and rail companies.