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Fighting Words is a charity set up by the writer Roddy Doyle to use creative writing to strengthen children and teenagers to be resilient, resourceful and successful shapers of their own lives.

Fighting Words NI is offers free online or in person creative writing workshops and mentoring to youth groups and school groups all across Northern Ireland.

In our Story-making workshops groups of children or young people invent the beginning of a story together though a lively and engaging collaborative process. Then the new writers, with their imaginations fired up, continue their story individually with support and encouragement from volunteer mentors. The children have space to be creative without any pressure, to write just for fun. The workshops are a joy for the volunteers involved, and their impact on confidence and creativity lasts, especially for those children who lack confidence with literacy.

Fighting Words NI would like your help with a new project which will give free in-person creative writing workshops to youth groups in disadvantaged and divided areas in Northern Ireland and to make it happen, we need about 10 new volunteers in each county.  If you’d like to volunteer with us, please complete an application form here:

Get in touch with Romy at to register for the next online training sessions on the 18th of January (morning) or 27th of January (evening).

Please visit for more info on volunteering with Fighting Words